Hapiie Day xDDD


By:Anmei Girlx
Dun be sad larhh ):

at least , i choi euu (:

no nid them oso can :D

although we not same skul =X

but everytime u sad can find mii :)


btw ... i less on at night :((

so wait SAT n SUN larh xDD

n the comment

v camper lai comment tat one ...

wan to 'pecah rekod' arr !! xDD


Today go skul for Karate :D

got exam lol :(

Btw... i oso get the uniform today :D

wear the uniform 

wa 0__0"

vry big lorh the shirt - -

then wait a master cum

n ... the master tat giv us marks one 

his look ... very funny de lorhh !! xDD

he wears a black spec ,  then got a bit  fat fat de xP

the look very like a orang utan...


the face very black , n ... juz his teeth are not black =X

then we start to exam lorhh

actually... the exam got a bit hard larhh 

juz ... sum step i havent learned >"<

n then got a bit mistake  -,-

becoz of nervous :(

but the master like din saw it lorhh =="

got a bit blurr blurr de ,, 'MCC' !!

'MCC' >>Cikgu Kooi teach us one ^^

then after us ...
the blue ,green ,purple belt senior go n exam lurhh~

they all vry pro de lorhh -,-

not like us ):

noob until pengsan lorh wei @@

while they are examing ,

the others two master scolded us ><"

becoz of we all blurr blurr ==

and then shouted very small sound - -v
i already add oil to shout bigger sound larhh wei

btw ~ the master(BOY) larhh

praise me , liyeng , stella , shirley and the other two boys  lerhh :D

tata~ :DD

so gud ppl ^^

then we watch the 'pro gang' exam lorhh 0__0" !!

got one bro and sis larhh 

both of them oso purple belt one 

vry pro lurhh !!

n the purple belt one , boy larhh ...

vry lenqzaii lorhh !! xDDD

although he is malay

but the face vry white 0__0!!

and then not like malay ppl but like cina lorhh ==

n .. when he shout , the sound vry funny lol - -

shirley always laugh when he shout =o="

n make me follow she laugh oso >"<

n then ... we saw his 'peluh' drop down - -v

omgg xDDD

then his clothes already loose

then he quickly tie bak it xDD

damn lengzaii :DD

不要吵我睡觉啊 :P

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